These are some of Rick’s publications. Some are free and some are eBook packages he offers for sale.


In 2002, Rick and Audri Lanford, created what was to become one of the top-selling eBooks in it’s time. They interviewed successful and well-known entreprenuers such as the late, legendary, Jim Rohn; Internet marketing top guns, Yanik Silver and Michel Fortin; master motivators, Chris Widener and Bob Burg; and even NFL superstar quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, to create Success: A Spiritual Matter.
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Rick nicknamed this eBook, Happiness for the Price of a Latte!, because the time-tested, proven techniques never fail to bring more joy and happiness to people’s lives. Clicking this link (or the image below) will give you a 48-hour opportunity to get the 30-page eBook at half price, or, the cost of a good coffee:-) Just excuse the quick timer setting page that will appear for just a second before you get to the discounted offer:-)



Rick’s partner in 10 Million Clicks For Peace, Julian Kalmar, wrote How to Change the World in 7 Days, I couldn’t encourage you more to immerse .yourself in this eBook by Rick’s partner in 10 Million Clicks For Peace, Julian Kalmar. DO the simple exercises over the next week. Don’t rush it, just do as he instructs, day by day. When you’ve completed the exercises, I’d love for you to email me to tell me your thoughts (hint: and actions:-)
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One of Rick’s great friends is hypnotherapist (and SO much more), Rick Saruna. One of Rick S.’s processes is to have a client turn off the television/radio news for a week and then take stock of how they felt after a newsfast. Well, Rick B. amped that up to create The Negativity Fast for his Modern Day Mastery students and he encourages you too to Just Do It! and then report back to him when you’ve done it.
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 For entrepreneurs, Rick offers his popular The Entrepreneur’s Prayer. Click here or on the image below to receive the gorgeous PDF! This might just become your business mantra!



Coming in 2020!

The pre-publication launch of Rick’s first print book, A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!, which was only half completed garnered him the prestigious Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in 2003. Rick’s founding of 10 Million Clicks For Peace in 2006 and subsequent Wall Street financial collapse prevented him from officially launching the highly-endorsed book. Look for that to happen in 2020!


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